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Please use the box at right to support Belle Voci Intergenerational Choral Society (501c3) in our cancer prevention and cure mission. Donations support concert production, scholarships, and charitable giving.

Now in our 19th season, Belle Voci has supported American Cancer Society, Optimum Health Institute, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Northwell Hospice Care Network.

We have selected Cancer Hope Network as our 2022 charity. Cancer Hope Network provides free one-on-one peer support for adult cancer patients and their loved ones.

Thank you for your support.

Belle Voci Intergenerational Women’s Choir is a Long Island-based philanthropic treble ensemble comprising professional singers, amateur singers, collegiate singers, school-aged singers, and music teachers with a common mission of supporting cancer prevention and cure through song. An interesting intersection of humanitarianism, musical expression, and academic rigor, Belle Voci is recognized both domestically and internationally having been the topic of local news, academic presentations, book chapters, and prestigious European performance invitations. The ensemble provides a forum for music teacher training, member leadership, and recognition of singers’ unique skill sets.  Concert repertoire is carefully programmed for its capacity to elicit a wide range of emotions associated with the cancer journey; we aim to provide a forum where concert goers are free to experience hope, contemplation, prayer, healing, peace, and celebration through music and ritual.